Sunday, September 30, 2012

Getting to Know Beth

Beth Diehl is the next sister, she currently serves as co-vice president.
Collegiate Chapter and Year Initiated: Grand Valley State University Lambda Eta Fall 2002

Most Memorable AOII Moment: My initiation and the chapter retreat.  (held at Cassie’s parent’s house!).  I loved learning Ritual and had such a great boding time with sisters and became a lot closer with  my pledge class and the whole chapter.
What Does AOII mean to you: AOII is always there, though sisters, words and phrases, symbols and more.  There are things that remind me of AOII daily and I love that. 

Family: FiancĂ©, Jason.  Jezz- 9, Angela- 2 (3 in November), the pups- Tippy, Ace and Chloe, and the cats- Needles and Kayla. (All rescued pets :) 

I’m a huge dog rescue advocate and volunteer at a local no-kill shelter
I’m a huge Red Wings fan (I’ve even drank out of the Stanley Cup!)

Fitness Director at Spa Southern Highlands
MVP Fitness Co-Owner (Personal Training and exercise information sharing company)

My Dream Vacation would be: Somewhere fun and relaxing where I could have my  family(including the dogs) and extended family that I don’t get to see nearly enough! 

My super power is:
Making dinners that satisfy kids and my meat loving fiance! I’ve mastered splitting a dish in two with meat protein in one and veggie protein in the other.  And  I’m (slowly) starting to write a cookbook!

My greatest Achievement:
Driving across the country with just my dog and cat to move from  Michigan to a job  in California.  Met my man out there and the rest is history! 

Something that no one knows about me is:
Seeing people brush their teeth completely grosses me out.  It’s all I can take not to gag when I help my daughter… 
And, although I’m pretty quiet and shy at first, especially in groups I’m really not!

My favorite food is:
Too many to name!  I’m vegetarian and love to cook and experiment with new recipes.

The 3 things I would want if I was stranded on a desert island are... family, iphone, FOOD

My secret crush is... No secret that  it’s Bret Michaels!

Our next sister will be Stephanie Baldi!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Getting to know Cassie

Next in our series of Getting to know is Cassie, our chapter treasurer.

Collegiate Chapter and Year Initiated: Grand Valley State University Lambda Eta Fall 2000
Most Memorable AOII Moment: My preference during recruitment.  When I went through that I knew I was an AOII and couldn't wait to join the amazing group of women.
What Does AOII mean to you: Sisters wherever you are.  Knowing that wherever you go you will always have a family
Family: Husband, Jason Price (OX) Legacy Anna Price (almost 2) Plus 2 dogs and 2 cats
Interests/Hobbies/Talents: Reading, attempting to be crafty, but I have no known talents
Occupation: Stay-at-home-mom and a consultant for Thirty-One Gifts. (Blogger side note, Cassie's true talent is the photos she takes of her pets and daughter Anna, they are amazing... see a few below!)
My Dream Vacation would be: Relaxing on a beach with an endless supply of fruity drinks and chocolate
My super power is: organization
My greatest achievement has been: Managing to stay somewhat sane while being married to an airman and moving across the country and raising a family away from Michigan where our families are.
Something that no one knows about me is: I'm terrified of birds (I don't think anyone here knows that)
My favorite food is: chocolate, cheese and diet coke (But not together)
The 3 things I would want if I was stranded on a desert island are... an endless supply of books, a comfy bed, and diet coke.  
My secret crush is... Bruce Willis 
Our next sister will be Beth Diehl! 

Monday, September 10, 2012

AOII Tea Party

Yesterday afternoon was another wonderful meet up, we gathered at English's Quintessentially British Pub for an afternoon tea, complete with hats, scones and some delicious chocolate covered strawberries.  A fun time was had by all and it was a nice way to continue meeting and socializing with sisters. 
Can't wait for our next event which will be a bit more on the saucy side!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Getting to know Tamara

Welcome Back! Just as the new school year is starting so is a new AOII year, while the Collegiates are going through Recruitment and getting to know their new sisters we figured it would be fun to do the same with the members of the Las Vegas AOII Alumnae Chapter! To kick it off we will start with the E-Board, first off is our fearless leader & President Tamara!

Name: Tamara Abernathy (initiated name Pond)

Collegiate Chapter & Year Initiated: Sigma Phi Fall 1996 (Cal State Univ Northridge) I was a sophomore when I pledged.

Most Memorable AOII Moment: My initiation retreat.  My chapter has the parents write a letter to their daughters.  This was the changing point in my relationship with my mother.  Not only has AOII given me so many wonderful sisters but also bridged an ailing gap in my mother-daughter relationship.

What does AOII mean to you: A built in family no matter where I am. No matter how different my sisters are, we all share a common bond.

Family (IIOA, Legacies, etc): Spouse, James

Interests/Hobbies/Talents: NKOTB, movies and TV junkie, coffee, bowling, concerts, plays, and I have no known talents.

Occupation: A little of everything but mostly finance, mortgage, real estate related

My dream vacation would be: Skiing in the Swiss Alps and curled up by a fire with my loved ones (on my bucket list!!)

My greatest achievement has been: Always staying true to myself.  I pride myself on making my own decisions, learning the hard way when necessary, and forging my own path.

Something that no one knows about me: I have tons of patience.  I could stand in long lines, deal with mean or stupid people and still be calm as a cucumber

My favorite food: Mexican and Sushi but not together.

3 Things I would want if I was stranded on a desert island: Chapstick, a knife, my ipad (with solar power charger)

My secret crush is: Don’t know how secret it is but Donnie Wahlberg

Next up will be Cassie Price.

On another note I hope to see you all next Sunday (September 9th) for our AOII Tea Party, here is a link to the invite on Facebook:

Please don't forget this will be the last event where we will be collecting donations for Sisters for Soldiers.  But members of the E-board are willing to meet up with you to collect :)