Thursday, June 26, 2014

Pinterest Night

On May 25 we had our final event on the "year." Year is in quotes because our events usually pause during the summer months to allow those with children time to enjoy their summer break. Although we will probably have a couple unofficial events during the summer - so stay tuned for that!
Working on Coffee Mugs
The final event was a Pinterest Party, held at Kara's home. Pinterest is a website that allows for sharing of pins - more or less visual bookmarks with links to articles, blogs, etc. The possibilities of Pinterest are endless & there are THOUSANDS of ideas just waiting to be discovered. 
The major plus side of Pinterest is finding all sorts of crafts & recipes to try. That was the plan for the evening, three crafts were offered - DIY Natural Body Scrub, Wine Bottle Crafts & Design Your Own Coffee Mug. It was also encouraged to bring your own Pinterest dish to pass.
Making their body scrub
Painting, Glittering & Mod Podging Wine Bottles
Group shot
The event was fun, it allowed everyone to get in touch with their crafting side! Some sisters did just one project, where others did all three. It was a fun way to wrap up another year of AOII events. 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sisters With Ammo & Dinner

On May 9th we met up at the Las Vegas Gun Garage, last year when we had this event it was one of our most popular ones. Sisters had the opportunity to shoot their own handguns or rent from the Gun Garage.
Some of the guns sisters rented. 

Tamara shooting
Beth shooting
Jessica shooting
Katie shooting - check out that fire!
Group shot with eye & ear protection on.

Another group shot

Jessica with her target - this was her first time ever shooting. She did great! 

After the Gun Garage, we had dinner at the Sugar Factory in Town Square. It was a wonderful time!
Sisterhood is all about sharing ;) 

Final group shots of the night - of course we found a panda! 

The event was a big success, sadly we had to say goodbye to one sister, Amy, as later that week she would be moving across the country to North Carolina.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


On April 26 we had our annual ritual meeting, once again Tamara was kind enough to open up her house to us. 

Ritual this year was a little different as new officers were installed, nearly every position we have welcomed a new sister. I am beyond thrilled that so many women are stepping up & taking positions with our alum chapter.
In addition to ritual & welcoming new officers -  AOII Foundation Ambassador & newly appointed HR Committee Chair Dana Moreland joined us. Dana not only participated in ritual with us but educated us all on AOII Foundation & other ways to get involved & give back.

It was a day full of sisterhood! Ritual has always held a special place in my heart, it refreshes me & brings me back to the values & ideals I have in common with so many other women. It reminds me exactly why I decided to join Alpha Omicron Pi.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Get to Know your Sister Round 2 - Part 5

Name – Marie Sassman
Collegiate Chapter & Year Initiated – Sigma Rho 2002
Which Founder do you identify with most & why – Elizabeth Heywood Wyman – because she was involved in education and social welfare. Being a teacher and working with low socio-economic students is extremely important. Also love that she was kind & understanding.

Name – Debra Gallo
Collegiate Chapter & Year Initiated – Omega 1974
Which Founder do you identify with most & why – Helen – I admire her organizational skills needed to create the sorority.  

Name - Kara Kenny
Collegiate Chapter & Year Initiated - Lambda Eta 2005
 Which Founder do you identify with most & why –Stella - because "artistic, dramatic and idealistic" describes Stella & myself quite well.