Sunday, May 12, 2013

Getting to Know Barbara

Let's get to know Barbara Lagoe....

Collegiate Chapter & Year Initiated... Lambda Tau 1997 (University of Louisiana at Monroe)

Most Memorable AOII Moment… Initiating the new member class as new member educator
What does AOII mean to you… Friendship and Sisterhood

Family (IIOA, Legacies, etc)… Husband- Len, Daughter – Suzanna “Suzy” & critter – Vegas the cat
Interests/ Hobbies/ Talents… Reading, movies & swimming

Occupation… CPA

My dream vacation would be…. A Mediterranean cruise

My super power is… I can sleep through anything

My greatest achievement has been… Passing the CPA exam

Something that no one knows about me is … I am a total klutz!

My favorite food is … Ice Cream

The 3 things I would want if I was stranded on a desert island are … My iphone, kindle & husband (although now that she has a baby girl, I’m assuming Suzy is on that list!)

My secret crush is …  Channing Tatum

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