Friday, October 3, 2014

Leadership Institute 2014 - Day 3

With Friday and Saturday of Leadership Institute complete Sunday morning hosted the final events - breakfast & recaps of the weekend before it was time to head home.

I was impressed with the centerpieces at every meal, some were more elaborate than others but they each fit the theme of the meal & discussions/presentations. Nice job!! 

One big room full of AOII's. LOVE IT!

As we wrapped up breakfast the fantastic Dr. Lori Hart spoke. Not only is she a AOII sister but she is HYSTERICAL & motivating speaker! I had the great pleasure to hear her back in college & was thrilled to have the chance to hear her again at LI.

Dr. Lori Hart left me feeling invigorated about what I had learned this weekend, she wrapped it up beautifully by saying “We are each other’s people.” We get each other, we as sisters have been through the same things from our new member period to our first recruitment to graduation to becoming an alum member. We get it & each other, although our backgrounds & paths to AOII may be different at the end of the day we are sisters & have a deep connection & love for our fraternity & each other, even if we are not the best of friends, we still love.

After Dr. Hart wrapped up her presentation it was time to say our goodbyes. We ended by circling around the room & closing LI with Epsilon Chapter Song. And yes I did get all teary hearing my sisters singing that song. 

Before we left I had the chance to get more pictures with my Lambda Eta sisters. 


Now lets just say that when there are HUNDREDS of women with suitcases & heels taking over a hotel that only has 2 elevators, things get a little crazy.  So I took the stairs both up & down since the line for the elevator was a little hectic.
Left - line for the elevator, Right - taking the stairs!

Truth be told after all the rich food that weekend the stairs worked out just fine for me. 


We soon hopped on a bus & were off to the Nashville airport to head home. Of course before leaving we had to have some BBQ with sisters. The Nashville airport is darling & has country singers all over the place. It was a nice little send off. 

I grabbed a Southern Living, Country Living & a hot tea & took to the skies. 

Leadership Institute was an amazing experience! I had never been to an event with so many sisters. It was empowering & reassuring to attend LI. I am beyond honored that I had the chance to represent my Las Vegas sisters, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope one day each of you have the opportunity to experience Leadership Institute or Convention. I can't wait to attend Convention next summer & meet more sisters & learn more about our amazing fraternity. 

Roses, Kara