Friday, March 23, 2012

AOII Presents at UNLV

 Last night was AMAZING!!!! AOII had the great privilege of presenting at UNLV; currently the panhellenic group at UNLV is looking to expand the sororities on campus.  The presentation in my opinion was a great success. 

 Question and answer segment

 After the presentation several sisters gathered at Firefly for a celebratory dinner,
 hopefully there will be more of these to come in Las Vegas

 Cheers :)

 The ladies enjoying dinner

 Take 2


clearly we all enjoyed our meal

It was so empowering to hear the women from nationals share with other greek women what AOII means, our history and why we should be on UNLV's  campus.  It refreshed my love and passion for this organization.  I truly hope we are welcomed to UNLV and as soon as we hear anything you can trust it will be shared here!